Child Protection Policy

Child protection Policy

Reviewed  01/09/2021

Crown & Glory Pageant operates a strict child protection policy to ensure the safety of all our contestants.  It is important to read this policy carefully and contact either Director should you have any questions or concerns. 

Crown and Glory pageants accepts contestants from the age of 5 years old and is aware of the obligations to help safeguard children and young people. 

Parents/Legal Guardians will be made aware when the enter their child into Crown & Glory of our child protection policy as well as being e-mailed about any changes/updates that may happen.  Parents/Legal Guardians will also be informed at the event of the policy and asked to re-read and sign to say that they understand and agree.

Parental responsibility:

Before anyone under the age of 18 can enter the competition, they must have written consent from a parent or legal Guardian, who is confirming they have read this policy and are aware of what the pageant involves.

Mother and or female legal guardian always have full responsibility to look after their child or persons under 18.  This includes during the show where they are expected to be in the changing rooms, however, can watch their child onstage, so they can show their support.

Parents or legal guardians must not accept responsibility for looking after anyone else’s child for any time frame.

Children’s physical and mental health is very important to us and we would appreciate it if parents/Guardians could disclose any challenges their children may be facing.  If it is deemed that taking part in the pageant could further damage the child’s health in anyway, then the appropriateness of their participation will be investigated. 

All decisions will be made by Hannah Tordoff and Hannah Travers after a discussion with the Parent/Legal Guardian and the decision will be final.

** see terms and conditions



All parents are aware that rounds consists of Interview, opening dance, Fun Fashion, be you round & Evening gowns.  All outfits during each round must be age appropriate and contestants will be marked down if this is not the case.  In extreme cases the child/young person may not be allowed to participate in the show.

Be You wear will replace the swimwear round for under 18’s.  Be You wear must not be anything that resembles a swimming costume for example gymnastics leotards. 




Contractors & Volunteers:

As parents are always to be present, this event does not require our contractors & Volunteers to be DBS checked.  However, upon starting their day, they will have a discussion with Hannah Travers who is currently in charge of safe guarding about signs to look out for and how to report any behaviour they are concerned about.

Contractors & Volunteers will never be left alone with a child/children at any time.

Any concerns raised by parents regarding helpers will be taken seriously and investigated straight away. 

Contractor &/or Volunteer will be removed from the event while an investigation takes place.


Photography and live streaming of event:

Before the event we must have every contestant’s permission for photography and live streaming.  Where a parent/guardian does not wish for photos to be taken or live stream of their child’s performance we will ensure this does not happen.  We will also ensure that at the beginning of the event that we advise spectators that photography is not allowed during the show.


All parents/guardians must sign to approve that Crown & Glory Pageants may use photos taken at the show and the contestant workshop the night before can be used for promotional purposes.